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As a Master Balloon Artist and Entertainer from Edmonton, AB, Canada, Russ gives an event the WOW! factor, creating unforgettable memories of balloon fun for kids and adults alike.

Russ can twist hundreds of balloon animals, cartoon characters, hats, costumes, anything with horse-power, and special one-of-a kind sculptures.

If you can imagine it, Russ can create it!

Hi there!

I’m Russ Neibel, a Master Balloon Artist
and Entertainer from Edmonton, AB Canada.

I can create anything out of balloons!
I can twist hundreds of balloon animals, cartoon characters, hats, costumes and special one-of-a kind sculptures.

As a Master Balloon Artist in  Edmonton, I bring balloons to life!


They're not just for children's parties any more!

Christmas, New Years, Valentine Day, Mothers day, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Ethnic Community Events and Holidays.

Edmonton balloon artist Russ Neibel with Marvin Hardy, the balloon twisting legend, at an international balloon competition.


So many ways to have fun...with an Edmonton balloon artist!

Professionally tailored

I can twist whatever a child requests while having fun with them and keeping them entertained as my magic balloon-twisting fingers move at lightening speed. Most of these creations are in the 3 to 8 balloon range, which makes it great entertainment for small and large numbered events. I also incorporate flashing led lights into the creations as well (please mention at the time of booking). This service works well at events that have a line-up already, keeping your customers entertained as they wait. Ask me about customizing my services for your event. Edmonton balloon artist.

Please contact Russ for more information.

You can choose any of the animal creations that I make and have them delivered or picked up at your convenience. This service is great for time-restricted events, birthday party loot bags, short notice events, and children’s carnivals. This is also a great add-on to any other of my services that I offer. Especially those parties you don’t want late arrivals to miss out on. It’s great to have some pre-mades on hand in case of any breakage. You will be able to wipe those tears away and bring those big smiles back. Some restrictions do apply. Edmonton balloon artist

Please contact Russ for more information.

Professionally tailored

I can stroll through your event, entertaining and impressing your guests with out-of-this-world balloon sculptures. I will pick areas of your event with families or pockets of people gathering and will perform my balloon magic skills for them, leaving them with a cartoon character or that special-requested creation made for them right before their eyes. I take a bow and continue moving into the crowd to another area of your event to entertain. I am skilled differently than the normal balloon twister and my creations show it in all my work. Customize your event with a special sculpture your guests can take home and always remember. Edmonton balloon artist.

Please contact Russ for more information.

Professionally tailored

I will come to your house or location of the party and create balloon animals, cartoon characters, hats, for all of you and your guests. Birthday Fun Package 1 is for up to 12 children and is 1 hour long. This gives all the children a 4-8 Balloon creation they can take home with them as a memento of your child’s special day. The birthday person receives a special one-of-a-kind creation made right in front of all your guests’ eyes. Birthday Fun Package 2 is the same as number one but I will use glow sticks in all my balloon creations. This brings a new element of fun to the balloons. This package is good with older children. For more children than 12 with any of the birthday fun packages there will be an additional charge applied. Edmonton balloon artist.

Please contact Russ for more information.

You can purchase as many hours of fun balloon twisting entertainment as you wish. This makes a great gift for birthday parties, surprise events, special occasions, employee awards, prize give aways, and low income families. Surprise someone you care about today with the fun of balloon art. Balloon artist Edmonton 

Please contact Russ for more information.

Professionally tailored

I will teach children of all ages how to twist the basic balloon dog and other animals. Work shops can be any number of people and in any location you request. Work shops will learn the basic twists that master balloon artist uses, depending on skill level and time limit. Balloon safety with you and your family is also a topic discussed with all work shops. This is a great family and community event for you and your friends. All materials and supplies are supplied by Russ’s Balloon Adventure. Balloon artist Edmonton.

Please contact Russ for more information.

Some restrictions apply. Balloon artist Edmonton.

Please contact Russ for more information.

I sculpt any creation that you can imagine. In any color or colors you wish. Custom sculptures can be flower bouquets, special interest ideas, under-water sea-themed, cartoon characters, jungle orientated and balloonicatures. The sky is the limit, for any occasion you like, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, congratulations, balloon-a-grams and the popular just-because-you-love-them balloon. Don’t know what you want? Contact me for ideas and suggestions. I find out the availability of your sculpture, time frame and price. I require 48 hours notice for most custom sculptures. Pick up and delivery is also available. Balloon artist Edmonton. 

Please contact Russ for more information.


A lotta fun goes a long ways....

Tricia Lewchuk, Event Coordinator
Northlands Productions
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It was a pleasure working with Russ Neibel, of Russ’s Balloon Adventure. Russ’s talent is in making balloon animals and sculptures in an amazing and extremely creative manner. He goes far beyond the regular puppy dog figures with his magical balloon twisting, and blends new age figures with accessories and flair. Russ has a high level of mastery when it comes to the craft of balloon sculpting and has worked during many of Northlands’ major events including Capital EX and the Canadian Finals Rodeo. He interacts will with people of all ages, from young children to adults and a line-up follows him wherever he goes. Flexible and professional, Russ was easy to work with and Northlands would recommend him to any fair, festival or event seeking to create something fun and different for their guests.
Nancy Abrahamson, Festival Director
Northlands Productions
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Russ Neibel has been putting smiles on children’s faces at the International Children’s Festival for the past five years. A consummate professional, Russ crafts imaginative balloon sculptures that delight young and old alike. I have no hesitation in recommending Russ as a balloon artist as he embodies both the creative spirit and attention to detail that will be an asset to any event.

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Balloon Safety

Having fun while practicing balloon safety

Latex balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate and to celebrate any festive occasion. With all the colours that latex balloons come in, children are now drawn to them like magnets. As many of you parents already know balloons are a large part of children’s celebrations, especially birthday parties. When receiving a twisted balloon sculpture it can be a fun and unforgettable occasion, however, they can also be a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age.

Balloons are made like candles. A piece of stainless steel is shaped into a long pencil like rod, which is called a form. The form is dipped into liquid latex and pulled back up and set to dry. This procedure is done 7 times to create the thickness of the balloon that can be twisted into all kinds of different sculptures. Most of the balloons you can get from the regular dollar store or department store are only dipped in liquid latex 3 times. This makes them a lot thinner.

The balloons used for sculpturing are dipped in liquid latex 7 times and are the most dangerous of the varied types of balloons because of their thickness. Due to the thickness of this type of balloon, it has one of the biggest choking hazards to all little children under 3 years of age. Sculpturing balloons are so thick that if an animal or a young child gets a piece of the balloon stuck in there throat it may not come out. Even with someone helping them to try to get it out they may require an emergency medical procedure to get the balloon and/or particle out of there throat.

One of our biggest suggestions, in this area involving balloon safety, is common sense. However, common sense doesn’t always come naturally to children and the majority of balloon safety information is given with children in mind. In any case, it is sensible to heed this advice regardless of age.

Brightly coloured latex balloons attract the attention of a curious child. Young children may suck or bite into a balloon, and fragments of a popped balloon may end up in a child’s mouth and be inhaled or swallowed. A balloon fragment could adhere to and/or cover the child’s airway, blocking the breathing passage and causing suffocation. Because latex balloon fragments are sticky, they are often difficult to dislodge, even using the Heimlich maneuver will not be of any help.

Thank you for taking the time to inform your self and protecting your family.

The side wall thickness of a thin regular balloon.

The side wall thickness of a professional grade twisting balloon.

The professional grade balloons are very thick and when popped, fragments of the balloon adhere to the throat or esophagus. Consider them a major choking
hazard for children under
the age of 3.

Russ's Safety Tips

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